Sudden Attack Reviews


Developer : GameHi
Platform : PC
Genre : Persistent Online Shooter
Release Date : 09/17/09

In the year 2017 a SA policeman is guided to protect a laboratory. He then sees a top secret file about the United Great Force's nuclear attack on the general population scheduled for 2019. He then is spotted. All the SA soldiers confront him but he fights back and manages to escape. He told everyone and the evidence of it. Then a group of former SA soldiers calling themselves the Tanziriro Independence Force fight the SA at South Water Defense Port. Hearing about this, people started to join them. Now they have a large army fight for control before the SA launch the nuclear assault.

There are two teams in the game, red and blue. Red is the Tanziriro Independence Force(Silent Fox corps) while blue is the United Great Force(SA Anti-terrorist Police) The weapon configuration is as follows: primary weapon, secondary weapon, knife, grenade, bomb defusal kit.

Clan Match
Clan matches are held between Sudden Attack clans. They can range from a minimum of three team members to eight members. All clan matches take place in item retrieval or bomb/defuse maps. Winning a clan match is determined by the number of rounds won; if both teams won 5 each, then the winner is determined by the team that planted/defused the bomb more. If that fails to break the tie, then the team with more kills wins, and if the kills are the same, it's a tie.

Game Modes
There are currently four types of game modes: Team Deathmatch, Bomb/Defuse(mission), Item Retrieval (similar to capture/defend the flag), Property Defense (similar to king of the hill), and Submission. There can be up to 8 people on a team. The Team Deathmatch mode is red versus blue with the winning team decided by number of kills. The Bomb/Defuse mode is where the red team attempts to destroy a target with a timed bomb, while the blue team tries to prevent target from being destroyed. The Item Retrieval mode is when the red team attempts to prevent certain mission items from being taken by the blue team while blue team attempts to retrieve mission items and take to a safe area. Both the Bomb/Defuse and the Item Retrieval type games can be ended by eliminating all opposing forces. The Property Defense mode is where either the red team or the blue team must be in possession of a property for a certain amount of time, and Submission is when you are only allowed to use knife. The number of rounds from the four types of game modes differ. Team Deathmatches have only one round in which players "fight to the death." However, Item Retrieval and Bomb/Defuse games have short time limits and go anywhere from 3 to 9 rounds, depending on the room master's choice. Also, all modes except knife match can have limited weapon options of Pistol Match (pistol and knife only) and Knife Match (knife only), which can be set by room master.

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